Schaller Jet Noiser



eBay seller "padawan0151"

The Jet Noiser Schaller is like a multi-effects pedal and comes with the following options:

  • Chorus-Vibrato: More of a (frequency) vibrato
  • Pulsing: Fast Leslie effect
  • Cathedral: Slow Leslie effect, very similar to a chorus
  • Jet: Comb filter similar to the filter matrix
  • Noise Vol .: White noise which can be added. It’s an interesting effect in connection with the comb filter (JET)
  • Tremolo Vol .: A very nice tremolo can be added at any time. It can be  adjusted with a button in two speeds.
  • Original: Bypass

The selection of the effect type is done by touch-sensitive contacts.

The device runs on 230V and 110V - adjustable, by the insertion of the corresponding fuse. The suitable power cord is included.

It comes with the following accessories:

  • Original Intructions (German and English language)
  • EU power cord
  • Guarantee certificate
  • Additional US power cord, if needed
  • Original packaging
  • Service - Manual
  • Catalog sheet
  • Wiring diagram

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