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Imagine someone took a classic 808 and took it to the next level. Well, that's what you've got here; a fantastic tone machine with the options you need and want.

  1. At it's core is a high quality PCB. Durable, well designed, and well constructed. Tone starts here…with a well thought out circuit design.
  2. True bypass - no more tone sucking
  3. A 3-way bass boost select. The original 808 looses a lot of bass when engaged. With this option, you can select from 3 different preselected bass options(original, a little, and a lot)
  4. Texas Instruments tlc2272 chip used instead of classic jrc4558d. This gives it a more modern, updated, warmer tone. If you insist on the classic chip(or want to play around with opamps), I've installed a socket for chip swapping.(I will not include the extra chip).
  5. 3-way clip select switch. Choose from 3 different flavors of overdrive, including original 808, LEDs, and MOSFETS. If you've never heard MOSFETS, you're missing out. These choices have a dynamic impact on your sound.
  6. Bright blue LED.
  7. High quality metal film resistors and capacitors, LongJohnny jacks, as well as silver bearing solder for solid connection throughout.
  8. No electrolytic caps in the signal path. This is said to give a smoother tone. In addition, nice carbon comp resistors are used around the output transistor to add smoothness and vintage tone. (these are the same mods you'd find in those high-end mail away services).

The Screamin' Eagle runs on either a 9 volt power supply (wallwart not included). No battery option.

I guarantee you that this is a sonic powerhouse. If you play rock, blues, country, pop, and anything along those lines, this is the pedal for you. It sounds fantastic with a nice smooth break up. Using your guitar's volume control it cleans up very nicely. Please keep in mind, this is based on the 808. It goes from a nice clean boost to a smooth, light overdrive. If you want a pedal for Metal or a similar style, you'd be happier somewhere else.

I'll guarantee the workmanship of this pedal for two years, not including any mods or repairs you may do (or attempt to do) to the pedal, or normal wear and tear on the finish. IF there is a problem with this pedal, let me know and I will work with you to fix it.

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