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A great sounding digital delay with a warm, analog sound. Up to 600ms for those great short delay sounds. You will be surprised at how warm this digital delay can sound.

  1. At it's core is the BYOC delay PCB, which is the highest quality on the market. Durable, well designed, and well constructed.
  2. True bypass - no more tone sucking
  3. Time from 0ms to 600ms
  4. The PT2399 echo chip for analog sound in a digital package. The PT2399 features a high end filter that provides an analog type delay. (please take note that at extreme settings, ie 500-600ms, some noise is injected into signal...this is a normal function of the pt2399 and adds to the analog-type sound)
  5. The ability to self-oscillate for wacked out, in your face type sounds.
  6. Bright Yellow LED. ....looks great on this finish.
  7. High quality metal film resistors and capacitors, Long Johnny jacks, as well as silver bearing solder for solid connection throughout, and superior sound.
  8. Finished in Blue Starlight.

The ReSounder runs on a 9 volt power supply (wallwart not included). No battery needed.

I guarantee you that this is a sonic powerhouse. Works well in most settings and musical styles. Please keep in mind that it has a max of 600ms delay time, and a high end rolloff, so if you're looking for a delay that can do U2 type sounds, then you might want to look somewhere else.

I'll guarantee the workmanship of this pedal for two years, not including any mods or repairs you may do (or attempt to do) to the pedal. IF there is a problem with this pedal, let me know and I will work with you to fix it.

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