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In developing this I studied some of the most popular clean boosts on the market today, got rid of anything unnecessary, and left only a simple, transparent, clean boost. The result is a compact pedal that provides everything you need to push that tube amp or overdrive pedal into the stratosphere, and nothing you don't need. This is a fantastic clean boost pedal.

  1. True bypass, so no bleed through effect.
  2. Adds clarity even at low volume.
  3. Pushes out gentle, transparent volume and gain.
  4. Bright green LED. There can be no mistake when this pedal is on.
  5. Metal film resistors and capacitors, silver bearing solder, and long johnny jacks provide for a high quality, transparent signal.
  6. Finished in sparkle-orange. Looks fantastic, sounds great.

The Big Daddy runs only on a 9 volt power supply (wallwart not included), no battery needed.

I guarantee you that this is a sonic powerhouse. Works well in most settings and musical styles. Works fantastic to push a tube amp into overdrive at bedroom volumes, also works well pushing an overdrive pedal into a more distorted sound.

I'll guarantee the workmanship of this pedal for two years, not including any mods or repairs you may do (or attempt to do) to the pedal, or normal wear and tear on the finish. IF there is a problem with this pedal, let me know and I will work with you to fix it.

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