Saturnworks True Bypass Looper & Kill Switch



Have you ever wanted to be able to switch multiple pedals on and off at the same time? Or, not have that vintage non-true bypass pedal wreck your tone AND have a pedal that produces a cool stutter kill switch effect? Now you can do all of the above with the Saturnworks true bypass loop/kill switch pedal.

The Saturnworks bypass loop/kill switch pedal is hand crafted with quality components including heavy duty Neutrik jacks and a rugged Hammond-type die cast aluminum case with a Saturn (sticker) graphic. On the left you've got a latching true bypass switch that allows you to isolate and bypass effects pedals that are not true bypass in order to preserve the guitar's original tone; or, switch on and off groups of pedals (or all your pedals) at once. On right, you've got a soft-touch momentary switch that cuts the signal while you hold the switch down, enabling you to achieve a kill switch stutter effect for either the loop or the bypass signal. This pedal features an LED that runs on a 9V adapter with a standard 2.1mm 'Boss' type plug. The adapter is only to power the LED; the bypass switch itself is totally passive and does not require power to function. At 4.5"x2.5"x1.25", this bypass looper is also very compact.

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