Saturnworks 4 Loop True Bypass Looper



Have you ever wanted to switch multiple pedals on and off a the same time? Or, not have that non-true bypass vintage pedal wreck your tone? How about all of the above times four? Now you can with the Saturnworks 4-loop pedal.

The Saturnworks multi-loop pedal's versatility makes it a valuable addition to any guitarist's pedal board. The loop pedal utilizes a special bypass switch that allows you to isolate and bypass effects pedals that are not true bypass in order to preserve your guitar's original tone. You can also use the looper pedal to turn on and off groups of pedals (or all your pedals) at the same time rather than individually. You can even use the looper as a tuner out or a mute pedal. Another great use for the looper is to save your vintage pedals from wear and tear. Parts for vintage pedals can be hard to find and modifying your pedal can reduce its value. So rather than wearing out your vintage gear's footswitch, put your valuable vintage pedals in the loop and you'll never have to click them again.

Buying a 4-loop version is a considerable savings over buying four individual loop pedals, but you don't have to sacrifice quality. The Saturnworks bypass 4-loop pedal is individually hand crafted with quality components including 'pro' true bypass footswitches for extra durability, a rugged 2.5" x 9.75" x 2"cast aluminum case and upgraded heavy duty Neutrik jacks. This pedal is passive and does not require an adapter or battery. This version includes multi-colored LEDs to indicate when the individual loops are activated. The LEDs are powered by a 2.1mm 'Boss' power jack. The power only runs the LED and the bypass loop function operates without any power.

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