Saturnworks Active True Bypass Loop Blender with Boost



The Saturnworks active true bypass looper/blender takes all the capabilities of a regular true bypass looper and adds active circuitry to blend whatever is in the true bypass loop with the clean signal. The control knob dials the blend level between the dry and wet signals, with counter-clockwise being fully dry and clockwise being fully wet.

The deluxe blender/booster takes the great functionality of the regular blender and adds the versatility of a clean booster. A common issue with blending a blend circuit is that it steadily decreases the dry signal as it steadily increases the wet signal and the signals meet in the middle, like an X. Like an X, the signal strength is higher on either side but lower in the middle, causing a dip in volume at the midpoint. This usually isn't a problem with blending fuzz or distortion pedals, which can compensate with their own boost, but can be with chorus or flanger pedals that don't. The deluxe blender/booster remedies this issue by adding a clean boost circuit that boosts the volume if needed in order to maintain sonic integrity. This pedal is very versatile in that the boost can also be used by itself as a regular clean boost. Two-in-one blending bliss!

Saturnworks bypass loop pedal blenders are hand crafted with quality components including heavy duty Neutrik jacks, Alpha potentiometers, and rugged die cast aluminum cases. The pedals utilize 'premier' true bypass switches for longer life and smoother operation and that allow you to isolate and bypass effects pedals that are not true bypass in order to preserve the guitar's original tone. You can also use the loop pedal to switch on and off groups of pedals (or all your pedals) at once. This pedal runs on a standard 2.1mm 'Boss' type 9v plug.

This pedal can also be set up specifically for bass!

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