Saturnworks True Bypass & Momentary Feedback Looper



Have you ever wanted to be able to switch multiple pedals on and off at the same time, not have that vintage non-true bypass pedal wreck your tone, or make crazy sounds such as a UFO landing, crickets chirping, or sirens? Now you can do it all with the Saturnworks deluxe true bypass feedback loop pedal. And with extra features including momentary switching to engage the feedback effect with your foot and a feedback volume control, you can fine tune your sonic mayhem.  

The Saturnworks feedback loop pedal provides dual functionality. Without the feedback effect activated it functions as a normal true bypass loop pedal, utilizing a special switch that allows you to isolate and bypass effects pedals that are not true bypass in order to preserve the guitar's original tone, switch on/off groups of pedals (or all your pedals) at once, use it as a tuner out, or even a mute pedal. With the feedback effect engaged things can get crazy. The feedback function of the looper is designed to send the output signal back to the loop's input through a potentiometer. This can produce some some very interesting results ranging from oscillating, growling, chirping sounds, to flat out noise, to nothing. The key to the feedback looper is experimentation. Some pedals can produce great results while some have little to no effect at all. You can also try various combinations of pedals. Your pickups and pickup selector position as well as your volume and tone controls also have a tremendous effect on the sound produced. The pedal's control knob determines the amount of feedback being sent back to the input. Sometimes you may need to turn it all the way up while other times you may find a sweet spot with the level turned low. The deluxe version features a master volume control for the loop and momentary foot switch that allows you to do quick bursts of foot-controllable feedback. If making a lot of complex noise is something you're into, then look no further. The versatile deluxe feedback pedal provides a strange sonic landscape and you never know what you're going to get.

No cheap plastic enclosure here! This bypass loop pedal was hand crafted with quality components including a rugged Hammond-type die cast aluminum case with a hypnotic graphic (sticker), heavy duty Neutrik jacks, and an Alpha potentiometer. This pedal features an LED that indicates when the loop is engaged and another to indicate that the toggle switch is in the feedback positions. The LED's run on a 9V adapter (with a standard 2.1mm 'Boss' type plug). The adapter is only to power the LED; the bypass switch itself and the feedback control are totally passive and do not require an AC adapter or battery to function. 

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