Saturnworks Dark Matter - Tube Overdrive



A while back someone asked me to make a Valvecaster-type tube overdrive pedal. Powered by an 12au7 vacuum tube, the Valvecaster produces a huge volume boost, but adds only a bit of tube overdrive. For me, the original design left some to be desired, so after playing with the design, I came up with the Dark Matter. The Saturnworks Dark Matter has much higher gain and warm tube grit than the original Valvecaster. This pedal is not like other incarnations of the Valvecaster. Among other tweaks, the Dark Matter adds an extra internal preamp circuit that is activated with a toggle switch and controlled with an overdrive knob. The boost circuit pushes the tube much farther than the standard Valvecaster design. The pedal also features master volume, tone, and gain controls.

The Dark Energy features high quality components including a die case aluminum case, a 'premier' footswitch for smooth operation and longer life, an Electro-Harmonix vacuum tube (I can do other brands depending on price and availability), Neutrik jacks, and Alpha potentiometers. This pedal runs on a standard 2.1mm 9v adapter (not included).

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