Saturnworks Passive A/B/Y



The Saturnworks passive A/B/Y takes one input and switches it between two outputs, or both at the same time.

What makes the Saturnworks A/B design different from the rest? Easy...

Saturnworks passive A/B/Y pedals use 'pro' grade footswitches. The heart of the pedal, these switches are smoother and are rated for triple the life of the standard 'blue' switches most pedal brands use (to save money).

Upgraded heavy-duty Neutrik jacks grip your plugs like there's no tomorrow.

Saturnworks A/B/Y pedal feature a ground lift toggle. This helps with ground buzz issues when connecting to two amps.

Multi-colored LED's allow you to easily see which line is active.

At 4" x 4" x 1", the Saturnworks passive A/B/Y pedal is compact to save precious space on your pedal board.

Sure, you can save a couple of bucks on basic pedal with cheap components, but why sacrifice quality when it's your gear and your tone we're talking about? With Saturnworks, you don't have to.

The Saturnworks passive A/B/Y pedal is individually hand crafted and bench tested in the USA. This version is totally passive and doesn't need power to function.

Please note: since this pedal passively splits the signal, it is best used after a buffer.

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