Samuel Audio DDT Digital Delay with Tap


Samuel Audio

Samuel Audio introduces the DDT - Digital Delay with Tap

Based on the PT2399 digital delay chip, the DDT offers the awesome warm delay effect this chip is known for. But that's just the beginning. This pedal has two modes of operation. The Manual mode lets you use the Time knob to adjust the delay effect timing from slow to fast. Then you can adjust the number of repeats, and the amount of effect with the Repeats and Mix controls. But wait, the coolest feature is the tap tempo with tempo indication. Just tap your foot on the Tap switch and set your own tempo. The yellow LED flashes at your tapped tempo so you can be confident that the pedal is working as expected. Then adjust the Time knob to change the delay effect from quarter note, dotted eighth, eighth, or triplet eighth note. With the Repeat and Mix adjustments, the effect is limited only by your imagination. When the delay effect is on, the red LED is lit. Turn the effect off and you are in true bypass mode.

The DDT is hand assembled, individually tested, and has an unconditional warranty.

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