Sabine NEX-5000 Pedal Tuner


  • Flat Tune (pushbutton)
  • Calibrate (pushbutton)



When Sabine makes a pedal tuner, you know it's fast and accurate. The bright, multi-color LED displays a huge letter indicating your note, and the sweeping sharp/flat indicators act like a bar graph of your pitch - you get a big green light when you're in-tune. And the side-chain tuning circuit means your signal is absolutely untouched. You also get power in and out, so you can use the NEX-5000 as a power supply for other 9V pedals (Sabine External Power Adapter required to power other pedals). Four levels of flat tuning, easy recalibration, mute switch for silent tuning, two-audio outputs, and a bomb-proof metal case make this the ultimate choice in stage tuners.

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