Sabbadius Tremolius Booster



Tremolo Unit with 3PDT 100% TRUE BYPASS mechanical footswitch. This effect has three command controls, tremolo speed, effect depth and volume. For those who don’t know, this type of effect simulates a rise and lowering of the volume.

For example: it’s like having a person constantly rising and lowering the volume at different speed in the potentiometer of your guitar.

It’s also a volume booster because if you completely lower the depth or set the "SPDT" and only use the volume control, it maintains the sound of your equipment without modifying the original sound at all.

Users of this pedal include: Pablo “Sarcófago” Cano (Ratones Paranoicos” among others…

  • J-FET circuit transistors.
  • Can be powered by 9VDC battery or a 9 volt 200 m.a NEGATIVE center polarized source.
  • Color: English Green
  • Dimensions: 120 mm in length x 80 mm in width x 40 mm in height.
  • Approximate weight: 600 grams.

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