Sabbadius Soul Wah Kit


Sabbadius about the Sabbadius Soul Halo Inductor

All hand wired Halo Inductor made with the same specs, wire, P core, etc to recreate that sound of the late 60´s and 70´s, a 500mH Halo inductor that can be mount in any wah wah brand like, CryBaby, Jimi Hendrix Wah, VOX V847, VOX V848, VOX V846, HIWATT, Jen Cry Baby wah, etc etc...

Is very easy to mount in the PCB and you don´t have to be a engineer to do it by yourself, you only need a solder iron, iron, and “walaaa”, that´s all, you have the best wah wah sound ever, to recreate Jimi hendrix sound, Stevie Ray Vaughan Sound , Jimmy Page sound, Eric Clapton sound, Kenny Wayne Shepherd sound, among others...

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