Sabbadius Funkastic Compressor



Compressor 100% analog circuit TrueBypass prepared with all necessary attention needed to make one of the best compressors effect for guitar, bass, keyboard, Studio, etc.

This compressor is inspired by the best compressors currently manufactured by major companies effect pedals and its made with unique materials and completely customized design boutique capacitors Tantalum, CA3080E composed of the transistors 2N5088 NATIONAL CO. electronics components and USA transistors high gain and low noise MPSA18, and worked entirely by hand as all products SABBADIUS. The pedal itself is customizable, that may depends on the reference that the client requests, the Standard comes with 3 commands which are: Level that gives effect to its volume, Attack - Slow - Medium - Booster, which is very versatile and a potentiometer that can be used in the SLOW position to sustain a slow attack, an attack MEDIUM for medium and BOOSTER Booster compressed to a simulator at any stage of a Fender Bassman amp and the third called Sustain command to use to give effect to its sustain, compression, intensity Booster, etc.

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