Sabbadius Black Distortion



100% TRUE BYPASS mechanical 3PDT Footswitch, analog distortion A very versatile pedal that can be switched from a booster to a fuzz, going through treble booster, fat booster, overdrive, distortion and fuzz, using a J-FET transistor and integrated precision IC.

This is a boutique pedal with very versatile and vintage sounds, that can give the user infinite sustain in the maximum gain position.

Users of this pedal include: Pablo “Sarcófago” Cano (Ratones Paranoicos) among others...

  • Can be powered by 9VDC battery or a 9 volt 200 m.a NEGATIVE center polarized source
  • Color: Black Semi Matte.
  • Dimensions: 120 mm in length x 80 mm in width x 40 mm in height.
  • Approximate weight: 600 grams.

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