Sabbadius Custom FX



    Is the company of Nicolás Sabbadin (°1981) from Córdoba, Argentina.

    He started playing music around the age of 14 and learned about electronics from Carlos Fonseca, who was building, assembling and repairing radios equipped with tubes or transistors. In 2002 he started selling effects pedals and in 2004 he took a course in advanced electronics and obtained the permissions to make effects pedals under the registered trademark "Sabbadius".

    The pedals are made with high quality components, sometimes HI-FI components made to Nicolás' specifications by American and Japanese companies. The pedal enclosures are made from 1.6mm metal, screenprinted with epoxy ink and shipped in pine boxes.

    Timeline (by Nicolas Sabbadin)

    In July 2002 I start making effects for very important guitar players around the world!!!

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