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The CAB, which stands for clear and brite, is a high quality discrete circuit overdrive/boost pedal with a more natural and powerful tone. Each pedal I make is 100% handcrafted from hand soldering to drilling and wiring. It was designed for over the edge distortion through your favorite tube amp!

It took two years of experimentation to refine and polish the sound of the CAB Driver pedal.

Being a guitar player, I was always trying to duplicate a certain sound in my head that I was just never quite able to attain. Although I could come close to getting the sound I desired from boost pedals, I was never fully satisfied with a good deal of the guitar foot pedals already out there. So I set out to create my own pedal, the CAB Driver.

I was very surprised how difficult and time consuming this was (at least sonically).

My goal was as follows:

  1. Clean boost at low gain settings.
  2. Over the edge distortion - "slightly crunchy" without "artifacts"
  3. Punch to hit front of tube amp
  4. Great tone and definition
  5. Big Sound
  6. Not much compression
  7. Cuts through mix-tight bass
  8. Less Distortion than many overdrives out there
  9. Quiet
  10. Sounds good with power supply or battery.

I found that the best way to accomplish these things was with discrete transistors. I.C.'s sound good but didn't work as well in this particular circuit.

The CAB was designed using single coil type guitars but humbuckers work well also. This pedal works great for hitting the front of your tube amp and controlling things with your volume and or tone controls on your guitar. Because of this and the low noise level you may want it on all the time. Other features include premium parts (hand chosen for best sound), true by-pass, and quality handmade construction.

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