Ruach Music DD1 Digital Delay


Ruach Music

8 fully adjustable delay algorithms

  • Echo: Precise digital delay, everything from quick slapback to rich rhythmic repeats
  • Modulate: Dial in a quick time for a chorus type effect or a slow time to simulate vibrato
  • Reverse: Add a unique layered voicing to your lead work
  • Analog: Reminiscent of vintage analog pedals, authentic sound with lots of character
  • Tape: Distinct warmth and saturation of classic tape delays
  • Ducking: Reacts to your playing to determine the volume of the repeats
  • Sweep: Vibrato effect with a short attack 
  • Band: Hall reverb-like echoes
  • Digital Delay Effects Pedal
  • Dimensions= 120x70x50mm
  • Aluminum Casing with Exotic Lacewood Hardwood Top
  • 5 controls:
    • Tweak/Ducking: Ducking function only inDucking mode, Tweak function in all other modes
    • Time: control the time of delay
    • Mix: adjusts the ratio of dry and wet sound, namely, the ratio of original signal and delay effect
    • F.back: feedback
    • 8 delay algorithm: Echo, Modulate, Reverse, Analog, Tape, Ducking, Sweep, Band

Ruach effects pedals feature robust enclosures with an elegant exotic hardwood veneer unique to each pedal. Six essential pedals deliver tons of tonal options that guarantee to impress both visually and audibly. 

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