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The Saturn Super-Gainer™ is our new overdrive pedal offering and we are extremely excited with the sound and performance of this unit. The Saturn has been under development, testing and refinement for well over two years - this design is no cut and paste from the Internet!

The Saturn Super-Gainer is a clean boost/overdrive pedal that delivers maximum soul without the muddy tone of lesser uninspired designs. The Saturn is a completely new design engineered from the ground up. Our input buffer stage is a special discrete FET/NPN transistor stage designed to emulate triode tube satuaration characteristics. A subsequent gain stage can be configured via DIP switches to use feedback style clipper diodes and/or a MOSFET hard limiter for a warmer sounding clipper. Or, you can simply run with the gain stages alone and drive the transformer driven output stage into warm overdriven saturation.

The EQ section provides LO-MID and HI-MID equalization for additional tonal shaping. The LO-MID EQ provides a subtle midrange boost/cut type EQ to adjust the mid-body range of the guitar spectrum. The HI-MID provides a peak/dip type equalizer so you can go from a warm darker tone to a cutting treble booster type tone for leads that slice through and really sing.

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