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The KingVibe is our newest Uni-Vibe™ effect creation in the works! The KingVibe is a rugged road worthy unit that follows the original classic Uni-Vibe all discrete transistor/opto design. We've also incorporated our proprietary lamp flasher design and added our opto-tremolo circuit for stunning new vibe/tremolo effects reminiscent of the rare 60's era JAX Vibra-Chorus.

The KingVibe has an internal heavy duty boost switching power supply that accepts any clean 8-12VDC external power source capable of providing 500mA current. The unit will operate from from most any common 9V wall wart or power brick supply. The input power jack is auto-polarity switching and accepts either tip or ring positive power jack types. Internally the KingVibe generates 18VDC which is heavily filtered, bypassed and further regulated by a linear LDO regulator for stable super quiet hum-free operation.

The phase filter sections are true to the original discrete design, but we've also added discrete transistor input and output buffer stages to avoid loading and gain loss (no op-amps are in the audio path). The output buffer allows a slight boost over unity gain if boost is desired while the input buffer prevents pickup or source loading. We've also added our opto tremolo section from our Vibezilla design which gives additional tremolo effects similar to the rare JAX Vibra-Chorus. A relay provides super quiet true bypass switching and a remote pedal jack allows for true remote speed/bypass operation.

All circuitry has been painstakingly tweaked and the controls have a smooth linear range and feel. The depth control allows fine tweaking of the "throb" with precision unrivaled by competing units. The "throb" is the key to the vibe effect and we're confident this unit delivers the soulful qualities of the original design and more. All components are through-hole types and the potentiometers are full size heavy duty Alpha types with a smooth feel.

The KingVibe incorporates our proprietary lamp flasher circuit developed for the Vibezilla which provides a calibrated constant current flasher/driver circuit. Our flasher circuit is unique with years of development effort designed to emulate the original flasher characteristics as closely as possible. Additionally, our redesigned flasher circuit provides the advantage of predictable and reliable flasher characteristics with internal calibration adjustments that allow fine tweaking of the bulb dynamics and glow. The KingVibe also supports remote speed and effect bypass operation via the same simple three wire scheme used in our Vibezilla unit.

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