RT Electronix Vari-Phuzz


RT Electronix

It's a very, vary, vari, veiarrrry phuzzzzy fuzz!

The Vari-Phuzz is an all in one; delivering fuzz tones from a slight breakup all the way to a completely obscene phuzz! And in the spirit of RT Electronix: it's touch-sensitive and –believe it or not—it cleans up just by backing off your guitars volume knob! In "LO" mode, The Vari-Phuzz offers nice vintage sounding breakup and classic fuzzing, but flip it into "HI" mode, and you'll be rocking harder than may be socially acceptable! Bass and Treble tone controls allow for full-bandwidth tone shaping and the ability to make a wide variety of fuzz tones. If you're looking for a great sounding fuzz with enough flexibility to earn a space on your pedalboard…the Vari-Phuzz will give you "Satisfaction" and then some!


  • Fuzz: Sets the desired level of phuzz
  • Output: Offers an output trim to adjust the overall volume
  • Bass: Low tone control that can add bottom without the flab or mud
  • Treble: High tone control to adjust top-end clarity
  • LO/HI Power Switch: Adjusts input gain for "LO" or "HI" Power phuzzing

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