RT Electronix SmaRT Boost/EQ


RT Electronix

Don't Limit Your Boost Options

Clean boost, gritty boost, mid boost, bottom boost, treble boost… Don't pigeonhole your tone by choosing just one! The SmaRT Boost/EQ gives you everything in one box. Over 50 dB of gain on tap and an optimized 3-band EQ circuit makes this an extremely versatile pedal. From totally clean to more than a little dirty, the SmaRT Boost/EQ has your tonal options covered. The Mid EQ alone features up to 25 dB of gain; allowing for tones anywhere from the EC Mid Boost to a half-cocked wah sound!

We gave you the options. Boost what you will!


  • Gain: Sets the desired boost level
  • Output: Offers an output trim to adjust the overall volume
  • Bass: Up to 15 dB of Bass boost/cut
  • Mid: Up to 25 dB of Mid boost/cut
  • Treble: Up to 15 dB Treble boost/cut

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