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The Knobs You Never Knew You Needed

For over 60 years, guitar amps have had only three tone controls. And though it"s not often thought of, these tonal options are very limiting to the modern guitarist. High controls can"t add air without getting harsh; the Middle can"t adjust the level of your pick or fingers without getting nasally; and Low controls can"t add sub harmonic frequencies without getting woofy or muddy. The "Other" Tone Controls offers tonal options never before available to the average working guitarist. These three simple controls can drastically change your sound and you"ll wonder what you ever did without them!


  • Sub: Adds sub-harmonic content for rich, clear bottom end
  • Touch: Adjusts the level of pick or fingers in your sound
  • Air: Adds shiny high frequency content for sparkling tones
  • Output: Offers an output trim to adjust the overall volume

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