Rowin Nano series LN-328 Tube Drive



Rowin LN-300 Nano series

ROWIN  NANO Series LN-328 Tube Drive

A very versatile little overdrive pedal conjuring up tones reminiscent of the classic Tube Screamer.

Two modes:

  1. BOOST: High peak mode, boost up the bottom end, when increasing distortion by Drive knob, you will get more volume and a slight increase in high-mid range (around 3.5KHz).
  2. NORMAL: Low peak mode, color up extreme little to the original sound, very nice for clean boosting. 

Compact, Tough Design

This Nano pedal is very small - less than 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches wide. With such a small footprint, you will have no problem finding a place on your pedal board.  Tiny does not mean they won't hold up and deliver - this series of effects are extremely tough! All metal construction, true bypass, and metal micro switches - this pedal is gig worthy.

True Bypass Circuitry

Hard to believe but these effects are designed with a 3PDT - true bypass, your tone is not altered when the pedal is not engaged.


  • Full Metal Shell
  • Volume/Gain/Tone controls
  • Two Tone  modes – Boost and Normal
  • True Bypass 3DPT Switch
  • Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative Center) - (Not Included) (38ma).

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