Rowin Nano series LN-327 Trill - Photo-Electric Tremolo


Rowin LN-300 Nano series


A very versatile photoelectric tremolo pedal offering a wide combination of adjustable pulsing characters from smooth type to much deeper and choppier output. Super small package design with a wide range of sounds, Simple to use, just choose between Hard or Normal modes using the micro two-way switch. Then use the Depth, Speed, and Color speed knobs to adjust the tremolo sound to your desire..

Compact, Tough Design

This nano pedal is very small - less than 3 inches in length! Only 1.5 inches wide! With a small footprint like that, you will not have any problem finding a place on your pedal board for this pedal!  Tiny does not mean compromise as this series of effects are extremely tough! All metal construction, true bypass, and metal micro switches - this pedal is gig worthy. Stack 'em on your board and have a virtual soundscape at your feet and all at a very nice price!

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