Rowin Nano series LN-304 Ensemble - Chorus



Rowin LN-300 Nano series

ROWIN NANO Series LN-304 Ensemble CHORUS Tiny effect pedal - big sound!  

A very versatile chorus pedal offering sounds of a classic Jazz-Chorus amplifier, the circuits are based around the BBD MN3207 giving you the purest and warmest chorus sound . Two modes, normal and deep sound. The best thing about this boutique pedal is that unlike any similar counterparts, the Rowin LN-304 Ensemble comes at a surprisingly affordable cost so that any guitarist can take advantage of its amazing sound.

Compact, Tough Design

This nano pedal is very small - less than 3 inches in length! Only 1.5 inches wide! With a small footprint like that, you will not have any problem finding a place on your pedal board for this pedal!  Tiny doesn't mean weak - this series of effects are extremely tough! All metal construction, true bypass, and metal micro switches - this pedal is gig worthy.

True Bypass Circuitry
Hard to believe but these effects are designed with a 3PDT - true bypass, your tone is not altered when the pedal is not engaged.


  • Full Metal Shell
  • Level/Rate/Depth controls
  • Two Tone  modes – Deep and Normal
  • True Bypass 3DPT Switch
  • Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative Center) - (Not Included) (38ma).

NOTE that these pedals do not run on batteries, you must use an adapter like a BOSS (or a power supply).

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