Rowin LEF-613 Phaser



The LEF-613 uses a full analog circuit for warm, deep and rich phasing tone.

To increase your tonal options, you can choose between Vintage and Modern modes.

The Vintage mode recalls 1974 phasing for warm and psychedelic tones while the Modern mode is rich and deep.

The LEF-613 gives you all the phasing sounds you need, in one pedal.

The LEF-613 is an "Eddie V" monster.

Controls used are for Speed and a 2 Position Mode Switch.

Features And Specs:

  • Legendary "Phaser" Effect
  • ALL Aluminum Chassis
  • TRUE Bypass
  • Size - 1.5" x 3.75" x 1.25"
  • Uses 9V AC Adapter  - Positive Tip (NOT INCLUDED)

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