Rowin LEF-3807 Harmonizer - Pitch Shifter



Rowin LEF-300 series

Rowin have developed a fantastic range of compact, boutique effects pedals that are an incredibly economical price. The Rowin LEF-3807 Pitch Shifter gives you precise, polyphonic pitch shifting all encased in a small effects pedal.

The LEF-3807 has a straightforward interface which makes it easy to choose the relevant settings required for your desired sound output. It features a Dry and a Wet dial pot; Dry controls the volume of the original signal sound, whereby Wet controls the volume of the wet signal. Alongside these two basic but necessary controls is a 13-way Range dial, and each of these options offer a unique shift in pitch, as well as the choice to go up or down by not just one, but two octaves. Rowin have also included a three-way toggle switch to go Up, Detune or Down. The combination of these controls along with the individual dials give you a wealth of various tones with a range of polyphonic pitches to experiment with.

Rowin have fitted a true bypass footswitch to the LEF-3807 Pitch Shifter pedal which is constructed using advanced capacitor technology. This not only engages the pedal, but once switched on if you press down once this allows you to switch between the original sound and the effect; press down twice and this switches between the fixed mode and the original. If youÂ’re creating some cool sound layers then you can store the parameters simply by holding down on the footswitch.

The Pitch Shifter has a handy LED status indicator light; the green light signifies the normal mode, whereas the red light denotes a fixed mode.

The Rowin LEF-3807 is a versatile, polyphonic pitch shifting pedal which comes at a really economical price.

  • The Rowin LEF-3807 Pitch Shifter is a compact pitch shifting pedal at an economical price
  • Can alter between Dry and Wet signals
  • Range dial offers 13 different pitch shifting modes to choose from
  • Toggle switch to shift between three individual modes (Up, Detune, Down)
  • True bypass footswitch
  • ¼ inch input and output jacks
  • LED status indicator
  • Requires a 9v DC power supply
  • Controls: Dry, Wet, 13-mode Range, 3-way toggle switch (up, detune, down), True bypass footswitch 

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