Rowin LEF-3804 Auto Wah


Rowin LEF-300 series

The Rowin LEF-3804 is a small, boutique digital wah pedal at an incredibly affordable price. It can produce a wide range of wah effects, from mesmerising, echoing tones to more liquefying vibes.

The LEF-3804 Auto Wah has a straightforward setup that is easy to use. To control your overall effects output, use a combination of the Cutoff, Shape and Reso pots to dial in your desired settings. There is a Speed dial which is important in allowing you to set the right speed of the wah effect. This is also what enables you to experiment with a range of fascinating, slowed down wah tones which ring out, or more accelerated, water-like wah effects.

The Auto Wah pedal includes a true bypass footswitch which engages the pedal, yet also allows you to store a parameter if you wish to create some interesting sound layers, just hold the switch down and this will activate.

The Auto Wah digital pedal is certainly compact in size and easily fits in the palm of your hand, though this also means it can be included on your personal pedalboard. It also has a bright green LED status indicator that can be conveniently seen on a dark stage.

The Rowin LEF-3804 Auto Wah is a superb, boutique pedal in a small yet sturdy zinc alloy chassis perfect for your pedal collection. It offers an extensive range of diverse wah tones at an economical price.

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