Rowin LEF-3803 Pure Echo


Rowin LEF-300 series

The Rowin LEF-3803 Pure Echo Pedal has an easy-to-use layout and is compact in size making it more than convenient enough for your rig. With two jack inputs at either side of the pedal, plug into your desired amp, choose your settings and simply start playing. Rowin have ensured that the LEF-3803 has a robust chassis to be able to withstand any onstage stomping.

The Rowin Pure Echo pedal has a conventional layout as you may expect from a delay pedal, but Rowin have ensured that the controls are easy to use so that you can get started right away.

The Pure Echo pedal is equipped with Level, Regen and Time dials which help you to shape your initial output. Level controls the overall delay volume, Regen allows you to set the amount of repeats that you will hear, while the Time dial sets the echo speed.

A sturdy little three-way toggle switch sits just above those three main dials, and this lets you change between Clear, Normal or Reverse tones. By adjusting the Level, Regen and Time dials alongside a choice of the three toggle modes, you are given a wealth of various tones to choose from to achieve the sound you really want.

The LED indicator light is bright which is ideal for a dark stage, and a true bypass footswitch sits at the bottom of the pedal for you to engage with it. Normal mode is indicated by the LED turning green, while fixed mode is displayed by a red light instead. You also have the option to store a set of parameters just by holding down on the footswitch.

The Rowin LEF-3803 is virtually the size of a matchbox, meaning it's compact enough to fit on any pedalboard with no hassle.

The Rowin LEF-3803 Pure Echo Pedal enables you to open up a whole range of varying tones and delayed sounds that will enhance your overall sound output, regardless of your playing style; and most of all, this boutique pedal comes at an affordable price.

  • The Rowin Pure Echo Pedal produces a classic echo and delay effect
  • Level dial controls the overall volume of the delays
  • Regen dial sets the number of repeats you will hear
  • Time dial sets the echo speed
  • Three modes to choose from using toggle switch
  • Smooth true bypass footswitch to engage the pedal
  • Compact size with a robust chassis
  • Fine boutique delay pedal at an affordable price
  • Takes a standard 9v DC adapter
  • Controls Level, Regen, Time, 3-way toggle switch, True Bypass Footswitch

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