Rouse Electronic Pink Crystal Fuzz


Rouse Electronics

Based on the classic Fuzz Face but with many improvements

  • More highs and a clear crystal fuzz
  • Matched pair of AC128 NOS (all tested for gain and optimum tone)
  • Internal BIAS control to fine tune sound (preset before)
  • Input Gain control to smooth out high end fuzz
  • Handmade to high standards with top line components

Yes another fuzz face clone but this one sings with bags of sustain and crystal fuzziness!! (and a cool pink LED!!!)

All units are handmade and full tested to give the best results.

  • The internal bias trim gives the option to fine tune the fuzz to players style (preset and tested before you buy)
  • The circuit board is all made to the highest standard and the components selected to tone
  • POSITIVE ground so it can only be used with the internal battery (power socket can be fitted at buyers request)

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