Rouch V.T.K Fuzz


  • Pre-Gain
    controls the amount of fuzz on offer, Turning down the control results in less fuzz and a darker tone. On full a lot of fuzz is available with a more biting tone and good sustain.
  • Volume
    Controls the amount of volume, plenty on offer to give your amp an extra boost.


Rouch Effects

The Rouch V.T.K Fuzz (Vintage Two Knob) is based on the classic silicon Fuzz Face circuit, using a metal can 2N3053 and 2N3904 transistors. These are lower gain than found in later silicon fuzz faces, more akin to the germanium based ones from the '60s and coupled with various mods I have done to the circuit the sound is softer and less harsh than many silicon based Fuzz Faces. Responds excellently to turning down your guitar volume for rhythm playing and is nice and quiet with little background noise.

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