Rouch Axishead


  • Master
    This controls the overall volume of the pedal, there is a large volume boost on tap so you can hit your amp or any stacked pedals harder to get even more distortion if you wish.
  • Filter
    The Filter control affects the amount of bass that enters the circuit. From lots of flubby dirty low end to a much tighter sound, it can help tailor your tone to sit well in a mix or band situation. With more bass the effect clips harder too.
  • Fuzz
    The Fuzz control affects the amount of fuzz and clipping from the the effect. For full on lead tones set it all the way clockwise, but turning it back will lessen the amount of fuzz and can make it more dynamic and lighter, great for rhythm.


Rouch Effects

This pedal is based on the legendary Fuzz Face and one of its more exclusive offspring, the D*A*M Meathead deluxe. It offers much greater versatility than a standard Fuzz Face with the addition of a filter control. Works great with either single coils or humbuckers and responds superbly to changes in the guitar volume so you can go from a cutting rhythm tone to a sustaining lead tone by simply turning your guitar volume up.

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