RotoSound RWB1 The Wobbler



Our soldering irons had only just cooled from the production of our 60's fuzz pedal reissue when they were called back into immediate action for our next pedal project. With the same retro styling as our RFB1 Fuzz, the RWB1 Wobbler pedal is a tremolo unit with traditional roots.

Designed by John Oram of VOX and TRIDENT fame, the pedal employs a vintage optical attenuator, has a high headroom, a smooth wide range control of rate and depth and allows unique control of both silicon and germanium signal paths.


The Wobbler tremolo pedal has a smooth range control of rate and depth, vintage optical attenuator and unique control of its silicon and germanium signal paths. This provides a variety of sounds that captures a vintage valve amp tremolo tone.

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