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Expected to cost £250.


Also launched at the Frankfurt show we are pleased to introduce our RFB1 1960 Fuzz Pedal Reissue - a faithful reproduction of our original 1960's unit using the same circuit configuration as the original design, combined with modern resistors and capacitors.

The new pedal combines yesterday's mojo and tone flavour with the reliability and stability of today's technology. The sixties prototype pedals were only ever available in limited numbers and never released for general sales. Nonetheless these pedals were found all over the place - there is even a picture of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page playing one.


The Rotosound Vintage Fuzz Pedal Re-Issue uses exactly the same circuit configuration as the original design from the 1960s, and has been developed exclusively for Rotosound, by Dr Barry Pyatt, (fabled, bespoke, guitar “tone-tweaker” of the 60s and 70s).

The importantly active devices are germanium, and therefore preserve the mojo and tone flavour that was associated with the original unit.

Passive devices (resistors & capacitors) have been updated to modern equivalents, at no detriment to the sound, but with the increased reliability and stability of today’s technology.

In order to accommodate currently available semiconductors (the original types have not been made since about 1972), certain aspects of the design have been modified, to allow us to match, as closely as possible, the characteristics of the original pedal.

The re-issue circuit, just like the original, uses a Darlington Pair input for high gain , which then drives a temperature compensated ‘fuzz’ transistor via the front panel ‘Fuzz’ control. This control changes the amount of drive, from a soft crunch to a gruff growl, but retaining that fabled germanium roundness.

The ‘Treble’ control varies the ratio of bass to treble. allowing a good variation from muddy to crisp.

The ‘Volume’ control varies the output level.

The re-issue pedal employs true bypass switching, and is powered exclusively from an internal PP3 type battery (being a PNP orientated device, external powering is not available, for safety and compatibility reasons).

The original unit used 9 volt battery of a type not readily obtainable in the UK today, so it has been replaced with the PP3 style.

The pedal is switched on via dedicated contacts on the ‘instrument’ input, so the cleanliness of the instrument jack plug is not so important as commonplace 3-pole jack switching designs.

Other design features have been incorporated to facilitate, as far as is possible, overall RoHS, CE and EMC compatibility and conformance.

Obviously, the overall tone is determined by the entire combination of guitar pickups through fuzz pedal through amplifier.

But, if it is the true vintage sound Germanium Fuzz that you seek, then you have found your Holy Grail, in this Rotosound re-issue of one of their own, original, 60s products.


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