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RonSound (2003-2005)

What do you get when you gut a Sovtek Big Muff and make it better? A Hairpie, of course. I take a Sovtek Big Muff (green or black), replace 90% of the parts, and make it into a louder, ruder distortion. It loses the sputter and graininess and becomes smoother, thicker, and louder. Play on the neck pickup for a great lead tone! Outwardly there's no indication of anything different, but you'll know the difference when you play through it. Hear where SustainPunch stole their ideas!

Older Sovteks use a large, unusual footswitch. I can use the original footswitch and make the pedal true-bypass with no LED or I can leave the switching stock. Please specify. Many of them can have the switch removed and a new 3PDT added for true-bypass and LED. Add $15 for this mod.

I have't tried it yet, but there's no reason why I couldn't offer this mod for the reissue USA-made EH Big Muffs. If you're interested in having it done, let me know.

I can rehouse your modded Hairpie to reduce it's size. Contact me for details and prices.

RonSound (2007-...)

I have decided to build, once again, the RonSound Hairpie pedal. Built completely by hand by me, it's now available in 3 versions:

  • Hairpie Classic - The classic, smooth early 70's Big Muff sound. Copied from an original triangle-knob Big Muff.
  • Hairpie '75 - Corresponds to the mid 70's version (Series 2 or "Ramhead") Big Muff. Just a bit more distortion.
  • Hairpie '81 - Based on the circuitry of the 1981, 3rd series Big Muff. Even more distortion!

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