RonSound 16 Seconds Digital Delay Controller


RonSound (2003-2005)

The 16 Second Digital Delay was one of EH's greatest achievements. At the time, it was the ultimate in digital delays and they're still coveted by guitarists the world over. The Controller is a repro of the 16 Second Delay's hard to find and expensive footswitch. It has 6 footswitches giving you instant access to the following functions on the delay:

  • Reverse
  • Slow
  • Clix
  • Infinite
  • Repeat
  • Effect

In addition, there's an indicator light for each footswitch. It connects to the delay with a plain, old guitar cord and runs on a 9v battery. When plugged in, all switches on the delay are rendered inoperable and their control takes place at the Controller.

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