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RonSound (2004-2005)

The BluesFrenzy is my offering of the Dallas Rangemaster, but in a pedal form. The name comes from the first batch of 6 I built for Jeff Dambrau at Tonefrenzy. Unlike some manufacturers, I do not modify the circuit for the transistors I use. Each circuit is identical in parts values to the original, except for the transistor. The original Mullards are difficult to find, expensive, and generally leaky. I use current production Germaniums that are each tested for sound and noise. The result is a treble and gain boost pedal that cost as much as half of the competitors' repros.

Recently, I added a tone control to the circuit and called the new version the BluesFrenzy Deluxe. The tone control allows you to shape the signal boost to your liking. Turn it all the way up and it's just like the original BluesFrenzy. Try it!!

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