Rolls RFX-412 Stereo Volume / Panner / Control Voltage



Use this American-made pedal as either a mono or stereo volume pedal, a control voltage/expression pedal, or a stereo panning pedal. The 412 features new, heavy, rugged steel construction but is compact for easy storage and transport.

The RFX412 is a compact yet rugged heavy steel (.090CRS) Stereo Volume pedal with the added features of Panning and Voltage Control (100k ohms resistance). The unit is ideal for guitarists and keyboardists who need to control the level of their stereo signal and the CC inputs on the RFX1288. The panning feature takes in a mono signal and pans it to either of the outputs. Many keyboards have expression pedal inputs requiring resistance controllers to vary certain functions - the RFX412 covers all these needs.

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