Roland 703A Voltage Controlled Filter - 1


  • VCO1
    controls the volume of the VCO1 input
  • VCO2
    controls the volume of the VCO2 input
  • VCO3
    controls the volume of the VCO3 input
  • White Noise
    controls the volume of the white noise input
  • ?
    controls the volume of the external input
  • LP/BP/HP
    selects the type of filter: low-pass, band-pass or high-pass
  • Cutoff Freq.
    controls the cut-off frequency of the filter
  • Res.
    controls the filter resonance
  • Key CV
    controls how much the keyboard CV influences the cut-off frequency
  • ADSR1/2
    controls how much ADSR1 or ADSR2 (switch) influences the cut-off frequency
  • LFO1
    controls how much LFO1 influences the cut-off frequency
  • ?
    controls how much the external CV influences the cut-off frequency


  • External
    external audio input
  • VCF Out
    audio output
  • V.C. Res.
    CV input to control resonance
  • External Modulation
    CV input to control the filter cut-off frequency

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