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Rogue Sound

Hello... This is Harry, he has a hatchet. He plans to f*%k you right up. Treat the man with respect and it shall be returned in kindness. The type of kindness that doesn't involve hacking off your fingers and making you eat them. Heavy weight and precise. This is what you will hear. Weighty stainless steel fuzz tones with a razor sharp edge. Thwack! I'm sorry are those your fingers?

What?!! Zonk Machine II. That's where it begins. Those things normally sound like s*%*. Harry doesn't.Harry has gain selected audio grade silicon transistors rather than any old crap. Biasing. It be correct. Therefore, Harry has uber massive volume, massive bass response, no stupid oscillation at full-on Attack and a plentifully oozing supply of sustain. Smash the switch! Make the light come on. Magical. DC tap, you see it? No need for batteries. You can buy those chicken curry flavoured noodles. Oh hey, and negative grounding too. Daisy chain away mofo.

Hell fire! Harry is a fat b*$!*^d. Can I has some bass guitar? Go for it. Harry has a sub sonic amount of ass. If you want your bass to sound like a brick slamming into an iron door who am I to convince you other wise. Harry was made by Dirt. She has much skill and works for that bum at D*A*M.

Only 2 of these pedals were made in black & gold.

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