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Rogue Sound

Hello... This is Mary, she is blind. She loves you. Touch her gently, be rewarded. Your ego will be boosted in a not quite right somewhat dirty, should she be doing that? kind of way. Medically assisted silicon enhancements, yeah she's squeezed in tight, popping at the buttons and ready to black your eyes. She also has a knife...

What?! Mary is a silicon booster. She's based upon the JHS Treble Booster but much, much betterer. Betterer you ask? How can that be?

Mary uses a sexually biased low noise audio grade NPN silicon transistor, less noise negative grounding. Yes you can use a regular power supply and daisy chain from other pedals. You have an LED, its blue too. Its on its off its on its off…You have a tone control, treble or bass sounds can to acquired via your fingers. A DC tap, there is one. Stop your crying you don't have to use a battery. Volume control. Wow. I can turn it up and down. It's also way cheaper and it looks as cool as hell. Nuff said. Mary was made by Dirt. She has much skill and works for that bum at D*A*M.

Only 2 of these pedals were made in black & gold.

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