RogerThat Distortion Deluxe



The RogerThat Distortion distinguishes itself by it’s aggressive and low noise sound.

The deluxe version has a 2nd channel with a seperate volume pot (solo) to adjust the output level. This feature is very suitable for gigs or any situation where you have to switch between volumes.

By adjusting the tone and body potentiometers the pedal has a huge variety of rock and metal sounds.

The pedal is 100% analog and build in a "road-tough" heavy duty metal case.

The distortion was designed to create an affordable pedal but to sound like listening to Mesa Boogie or Diezel amps.

Instead of spending thousands of euro's you just connect this pedal and you're good to go, whether you record an album or use it live on stage!


  • Includes sounds from soft rock to extreme metal
  • True bypass
  • Full analog
  • Body boost
  • Wide tone adjustment
  • Hand made
  • Road-tough

Cost : € 239,-

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