Roger Mayer Voodoo-TT - Dual Band HDD


Roger Mayer

The Voodoo-1 circuit is on the High Band and the Voodoo-Boost on the Low Band. This choice has been selected to provide open sounds from The Voodoo-Boost or the classic Voodoo-1 sounds featured by users Mike Landau. The Voodoo-Boost is a very interactive pedal with an amplifier and the TT combination provides the possibility of having a more open sound blended with a tight distortion.

The Low and High Band circuit path channels have individual Drive and EQ controls that been optimised for the type of circuit being used. The resulting range of sounds available is truly immense as varying amounts and types of Processing and EQ can be applied to each channel or band and then mixed together. This is a technique we used in the studio with Jimi to get the required tone. Using various pedals in series or equalisation will not accomplish this as processing is then applied sequentially and to the whole frequency range.

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