Roger Mayer Bel Air Wah


This is the latest evolution which has an improved continuous SWEEP control with greater range and wah tones that range from "Band of Gypsys" to "Funk" that players often require.

The original guitar can also be blended back into the mix to produce full control. It has dual modes of BYPASS to provide the option to use the BEL AIR as an expression/volume pedal or just as a normal wah pedal with standard signal bypass.

Features :

  • WAH SWEEP: Continuous control of wah sweep frequency. Discover the wah tones I developed for Jimi and used by him at the "Band of Gypsys" concert plus the Funk tones used on many records.

  • WAH BLEND: This allows blending of the guitar back into the wah sound to allow full control of wah depth and Q.

  • VARIABLE VOLUME RANGE: Remove the bottom plate to access this multi-turn control. This control allows precise adjustment of the reduction in volume level desired when the pedal is in the up position. The volume range has purposely been limited to a maximum of -30dB so that during performance the pedal has a usable range and is not just a volume switch. An excessively large range of control is not that easy to control with your foot when standing up and in fact when using the pedal in a live situation a range of 20dB is popular and is easily controlable from your foot. This corresponds to turning the guitar volume from 10 to 5. The fact that the range can be limited and set now enables the Bel Air to accurately control amp or pedal distortion.

  • DUAL MODE BYPASS MODE: There are two modes that can be selected via by moving a jumper on the card.

    • Mode 1 = AUTO - Switch between WAH and VOLUME.

    • Mode 2 = WAH - Switch between WAH and BYPASS.

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