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The Super 57 AMP+ and M59 AMP+ are unlike any other devices and represent the cutting edge of our new pioneering design technology in all owing you to “experience the difference” when hearing and recording guitar tones that have m ade rock and roll history.

You can now Plug ‘n Play ‘n Record your choice of c lassic British or American flavoured guitar tones into any Recording Device, DAW or Sound Syste m be it at home, studio or live at a gig.

They are 100% Solid State with a completely analogu e signal path that has zero latency and a better dynamic range than that of a CD resulting in an output that follows every subtlety and nuance of your playing style perfectly. In fact the resulting output dynamics are more detailed than those obtained from using a microphone in fron t of a speaker in a traditional setup.

It is a great advantage having a small compact uni t that produces professional studio quality tones in all environments and this of course leads to changes in the way songs are performed and recorded. There is no need in many cases to re-

record a great idea or feel if it has been captured using an AMP+ and of course re-creating th e tone is easy.

When using the AMP+, the dynamic sound quality will inspire the player to play better than ever before.

Technical Description

The Super 57 AMP+ and M59 AMP+ are actually amplifi ers in their own right that share the same gain structure, multi-stage architecture a nd equalization as their tube counterparts.

They operate and feel just like a tube amplifier wi th the controls all having similar function and feel. The input gain is the same as regards to distortion and the guitar behaves just as you would expect. Use your pedal train as normal into the AMP+.

The Output section distorts in a similar manner to classic output tubes and exhibits the compression and harmonics that people love. In fact the AMP+ is more detailed in this respect as it does not have any amplifier lag, phas e smear or microphonics that a tube amp has when cranked. In fact you can now experienc e the full detail of your guitar at any operating monitor level.

The AMP+ has been designed to interface directly in to your recording device or system and can be monitored on a home studio or living roo m setup or of course you can take it on the road as an addition to your backline amplifi er or replace it all together and feed the AMP+ to front of house and stage monitors.

In our live road tests we have found when using it live the guitarist will enjoy the increased dynamics and detail that AMP+ provides not to menti on a great sound on the PA System.

Some of our demo audio clips demonstrate that the d ynamic range and noise free operation make the use of post recording reverb ver y effective as it now enables the listener to experience the reverb effect better.

Technical Specification

  • Input Level: Nominal -20dB to +2dB Unbalanced
  • Output Level: +4dbu or 3.5V peak Unbalanced
  • Output Impedance: 50ohms
  • Load Impedance: 10K or greater
  • Dynamic Range: 96dB
  • Size: 100mm width x 120mm depth x 50mm height
  • Weight: 333g
  • Power Requirements: +48V DC at 60mA regulated
  • Universal World AC / DC Switching Adaptor Supplied

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