Roger Mayer 9090A Wah Upgrade Kit


Roger Mayer

The 9090A electronic upgrade has been designed to fit into the CryBaby or Vox housings that Dunlop Manufacturing produce. The electronic upgrade replaces the complete standard electronics with a custom designed circuit card, new potentiometer to give a more progressive and controlled sweep, new jack sockets and the problem of the original guitar tone being made dull in the bypass mode is also eliminated. LED indication of status or true hard wire bypass are available through the use of a DPDT switch instead of the original SPDT version. The multiple wah sweeps are controlled by a rotary switch on the side of the housing a multi-turn pre-set potentiometer on the circuit card controls the boost level.

The 9090A is capable of producing all the current and classic wah sweeps that people demand and have heard on so many landmark recordings Jimi made. If you want the genuine HENDRIX pedigree and wah sweeps that Jimi used plus a lot more variations it make perfect sense to go to the source and person who modified the wah pedals that Jimi actually used.

Each guitar player has a unique style, touch, equipment and tone requirements that change constantly in relation to the music and moment. The personal tone customisation capability that the 9090A provide will allow each player to excel in situations where a fixed sweep wah pedal would disappoint.

The 9090A is produced in 3 versions:

  • Standard Guitar. Dual tapped coil to give close even spaced sweeps.
  • Bass Guitar. Dual tapped coil to give close even spaced sweeps one Octave below standard guitar version.
  • Hi - Lo Guitar. Dual tapped coil to give extended range of wah sweeps Suitable for bass and lead guitar.

The Hi - Lo Guitar version is proving today to be the most popular since we introduced it last year and the range of sweep frequencies spans from 700Hz to 2400Hz when the pedal is in the down position. The usual setting say for a Vox would be about 2200Hz so it is now possible to use the lower frequencies that are becoming more popular with the newer type of music. You are not locked into one nasal type of wah. The fact that the unit in bypass mode does not effect the guitar tone is also a bonus with the 9090A as people are tired of suffering signal degradation with the use of a standard type wah.


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