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Critics and musicians agree that AdrenaLinn is one of the most innovative, versatile, and down-right fun guitar toys on the market. But what does AdrenaLinn do? Read on, and you will find yourself asking, "What doesn't it do?"

  • Amp Modeling

    AdrenaLinn includes a superb amp modeler, providing an assortment of amps from clean twangs to boutique amps to super-overdriven stacks. Combine these killer amp sims with beat-synched filter effects, jam along with the internal drum box, or simply rock with the amp models alone.

  • Beat-Synched Modulation Effects

    AdrenaLinn delivers a new class of guitar processing we call Groove Filter Effects—a whole new palette of sounds that alter your tone rhythmically in sync to its internal drum machine or to MIDI:

    • Filter Sequences - Dynamic looping patterns of filtered tones. You'll be amazed at how this transforms even simple chords into an exciting foundation for a new song idea. Select one of the preset sequences or program your own to fit your song.

    • Modulation — Your favorite modulation effects are now perfectly in-synch to AdrenaLinn's drum box or incoming MIDI clock.

    • Beat-Synced Delay — Simply select a note duration and the delay follows your tempo.

  • Classic and New Filter Effects

    AdrenaLinn provides a variety of classic filter effects, including Auto-Wah, Envelope Filter and Voice Box. And with AdrenaLinn flexible effect-design system, permit any of 6 filter types to be controled by any of 10 modulation sources, you'll get entirely new sounds.

  • Internal Drum Box

    What good are all those beat-synched effects without the beats? AdrenaLinn boasts a two-bar looping drum machine. Choose from 100 preset drumbeats, ranging from rock to dance, hip-hip to world beat, or create your own rhythms using AdrenaLinn's 40+ internal sounds.

  • Processed Drumbeats

    By routing the programmable drum machine through the filter processing, you'll create amazing filtered grooves.

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