Rodenberg GAS-LR II Official Lee Ritenour Signature pedal II



New Special features: GAS-LR II:

  • The signal path has changed:
  • Guitar --- GAS-808 --- GAS-909(808) --- GAS-707 --- amplifier
  • The starting point of the Overdrive controls of the GAS-808 and GAS-909 is set more down to '0' - means, now you can control the overdrive level from No Overdrive to maximum.
  • Engraved serial number: LEE RITENOUR II *SN:xxx*
  • The words GO! Remote, Input, Output, 9V DC are now located on the rear panel

Looking inside the Official Lee Ritenour Signature GAS you will find three GAS-pedals (909 - switchible to 808) 808 and 707 put together in the same case, connected serial. Each of the 909 and 808 has their own Tone and Level and (Over)- Drive knobs, as well as their own Bass-Boost switches.

The 909 can be switched over into a GAS-808 Mode.

The 707 Clean Boost pedal has its own Tone and Level knobs as well a Bass-Boost switch. Besides that the Lee Ritenour Signature GAS has been given an extra switch for Bolt or Serial using mode.

  • Bolt-Mode: Each GAS can be activated by pushing the usual On-Off switch on the pedal top but only one of them can be used when put on Bolt Mode.
    The Advantage: Switching from one GAS to another is only one footstep away, without having to disactivate the active GAS. It shuts off automatically.

  • Serial-Mode: All GAS pedals can be run at once without getting across each other. This way all GAS pedals can be run Serial.

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